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Pope Francis' Prayer Intention For November

People Who Suffer from Depression

We pray that people who suffer from depression or burn-out will find support and a light that opens them up to life.

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St John's is the Roman Catholic parish in the picturesque market town of Poulton-le-Fylde. The parish has served the local Catholic population since 1813, and the present Church was built in 1912.

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This Is Advent

Advent is not just a time to prepare for Christmas. It is a time to open ourselves to God's possibilities for us so that we will appreciate with surprise, what God does.

Mass during the week:


Tuesday: 9:30am St John’s

Wednesday: 9:30am St Martin’s

Thursday: 9:30am English Martyrs

Friday: 9:30am at St John's

Saturday (Vigil) 6:00pm

Sunday Mass 9:00am St Martin's

Sunday Mass 11:00am St John's

Advance Notice

This year, Christmas Day falls on a Saturday. As things stand at the moment, Mass times will be as follows:

Vigil Mass at St John’s at 6.00pm (on Friday)

Morning at St Martin’s at 9.00am

Morning at St John’s at 11.00am

(NO Saturday VIGIL Mass)

Sunday Morning as usual


Message from The Bishop


Pope Francis has announced that the next synod of bishops will carry the theme of ‘Communion, Participation and Mission’. Preparation for the synod will be at 3 levels; diocesan, national and universal. Following consultation and discernment at all three levels, the synod itself will take place in Rome, October 2023.

The International Opening of the Synod will took place on Sunday, 10 October in St Peter’s. You can read the homily here.

Bishop Paul has been in touch inviting us to prepare for the Diocesan phase of the coming Synod of world bishops. Read the Bishop's pastoral letter here.

The Diocesan phase begins on Sunday, 17 October and some Dioceses have had preparatory events already which you may be aware of. If you wish to have a look at the documentation which has gone out from the Vatican to the Church throughout the world it is available at:

You may wish to familiarise yourself with general information available on the Bishops’ Conference website and the Vatican website


How will our new opening of Mass be?

Since the 19 July we have been allowed to take away the distancing blocks in our churches. This means that we no longer have to prevent people coming into church once the distance number is reached – now it is people’s own choice to remain in church if they see too many people.

Other than this, it is for us to decide how to behave to encourage those who have been afraid of COVID and have not attended Mass for 18 months.

In practice this means:

The bishop wishes Mass attenders to continue to wear masks inside.

We have to continue to give contact details at the door or invite people to use the QR code provided. We will need welcomers on Sunday to achieve this.

Please use the hand sanitizer provided.

We do not need to do a full bench cleanse if there is only one service a day. This is why Mass at St Martin’s is now at 9:00am to allow St Hilda’s congregation to sanitize and ventilate before 11:00am.

We will not come round with a collection basket, but please use the baskets at the back of church.

During Mass we will not be introducing congregational singing for the time being – especially if we wear masks!

Some actions we have been using over COVID are:

Holy Communion:

We are not allowed to re-introduce the chalice at the moment. Whilst this is medically sensible it does take away an important command of the Lord and the presence of a vital Eucharistic Sign. I will continue to leave the chalice at the front of the altar during Communion for us to acknowledge with a simple bow.

Sign of Peace

We are not to re-introduce the physical sign of peace for obvious reasons. However, during COVID, we have found it helpful to acknowledge the presence of Christ within the people who surround us – this is the purpose of the sign of peace anyway. Please simply turn and look at the people around church and gently bow to them. People in the same bubble may, of course, touch.

Holy Water

Please do not look for Holy Water as it could be a natural spreader of the virus.

Updated: Saturday, 4 December 2021 at 1959hrs.