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St. John's
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St. Martin's
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Pope's Intention

Pope Francis’ Prayer Intention For August

For those who work in the creative arts: that through their ingenuity and creativity they may help everyone to discover the beauty of God’s creation. 


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St John's is the Roman Catholic parish in the picturesque market town of Poulton-le-Fylde. The parish has served the local Catholic population since 1813, and the present Church was built in 1912.

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Twentieth Sunday of the Year

Today’s gospel is a difficult and challenging one - because we don’t encounter a gentle and patient Jesus. The Canaanite woman was desperate, not for herself, but for her demon-possessed daughter. She was a Gentile, a pagan, living in the district of Tyre and Sidon. She clearly was not easily put down, because Jesus calls her a “dog” - a dreadful insult in any language. That must have been hard to hear! However, although we know the words Jesus spoke, we don’t know the tone. It seems unlikely that Jesus was deliberately contemptuous of the woman but rather entering into what today we might call “banter”. The Lord certainly admired the woman’s spirit. Her answer was not just quick-witted but deeply wise - displaying how full of faith she was. We can learn much from this woman regarding resilience, determination, forbearance, tenacity and courage. 

Minutes of Meeting: Finance and Building Committee

A special meeting of the Committee took place on Thursday, 25 May to discuss the sale of the land. A statement can be seen here.

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